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User Experience/User Interface trends that are dominating 2021

When we're looking at user experience and user interface design in website development, several growing trends are dominating this year.


 Micro-interactions are a great example of how a small detail or design optimisation can have a huge effect on your users' interaction with your website or app. For example ticking a like button, saving or sharing a product, or a swipe animation. These tiny interaction features have become so much a part of users' engagement with a website or app that it's almost an automatic response when we see these buttons asking us to interact with a site. Making sure that these interactions have been optimised will be a key thing to focus on this year. 

Animated Illustrations are gaining in popularity- Especially for Web design In Hull:

 Animated illustrations are a great way to grab users' attention and let you explain your story. Users will focus on your animated illustration and stay tuned to read more of your message. They bring your product or services to life and help users engage with your brand and message. 

Asymmetric layout

 It's become more of a design trend recently to use asymmetric layouts, moving away from template layouts. This is something of a creative skill, as it adds design flair and style to a website, but you need to be careful so as not to confuse users or lose their attention.


 Story-telling is a great way of engaging with your users and grabbing their attention so they feel that they are a part of your business. Use creative and innovative ideas and animations to get users involved and engaged with the stories of your business and products, hook your users in and get them wanting to know more about your offering. It's a fantastic marketing tool that has a great impact on your sales and performance. The art of telling a good story, especially focussing on your companies local heritage and history is something we recommend focusing on for web design in Hull.

Augmented reality

 As web design trends become more sophisticated, there's a move towards augmented reality and 3D graphics with users looking for experiences that feel as though they are taking place within the real world. Designers will need to think outside the box to give users an interactive experience that makes them engage with the website and it's important to keep up to date with the latest technology, trends, and skillsets needed to deliver content that meets users' expectations - which continue to become more sophisticated.

Virtual Meetings

 After the pandemic, it's become more important for users to be able to interact with one another in a virtual environment. As this type of interaction becomes more commonplace, there will be more focus on improving the experience, with designers looking at the possibility of where this can go by integrating other apps and functions.
 As these design trends become more popular, we're focused on giving you the best tools there are for your website as leading innovators in web design in Hull.