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Why cloud-based CRM is the best option for your business?

Every business needs a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for their business, especially in today's increasingly digitised and customer-centric market place. With a huge array of vendors and specialist providers on the market, it can be bewildering at times for businesses to know where to start, especially SMEs. After all, every system offers slightly different capabilities at different price points. But whichever solution you do consider, it is arguably essential to choose a cloud-based system. Let's look at the benefits in closer detail.

CRM solutions for home working

Homeworking during the pandemic has become a given, but the trend looks to continue for the longer-term, with many businesses saying that they will encourage home and flexible working well into the future. This means that IT teams need to be able to install and upgrade software onto employees' laptops. Cloud deployed solutions make it extremely fast and easy to do this, without the need for an IT employee to be physically present. The software licence is purchased and the software instantly and automatically downloads onto the device - a laptop, tablet, desktop or phone - and then stays updated with the latest version releases as these are pushed out.

This remote software installation and updating process saves your business time and money while being extremely Covid secure, and it's just one of the reasons why so many businesses are now choosing cloud-based CRM solutions.

Saving money

Buying business software used to be extremely expensive for businesses, but cloud-based systems are simply bought on a per-user license basis or a cost-effective business-wide purchase. This saves a great deal of money for businesses, especially when the instant upgrades are factored into the price, as well as the minimised requirement for IT staff to physically upgrade and install software onto employee devices.

Saving time

Businesses need to be fast, efficient and free from as much waste as possible to remain competitive. Cloud-based CRM software packages make this easy by offering an extremely smooth and seamless way of rapidly buying in necessary business software. Simply pick your vendor, choose your licensing arrangement, take a trial as needed and then make your digital payment in order to gain instant access to the necessary downloads. Vendors will also offer customer support, training, security and other necessary services to make your purchase as smart as possible.


Cloud-based CRM solutions are also robust and secure, incorporating the latest security software and protocols so that you maintain a resilient business that can hold off cyber attacks. This is essential when cybercriminals are constantly finding innovative ways to attack businesses. Cloud-based CRM solutions are constantly being updated with the latest secure protocols in a way that a business couldn't hope to replicate with bespoke in-house work, especially for SMEs with more limited budgets and resource constraints.

So if it's time for your business to upgrade its CRM based solution, then it's time to look at a cloud-deployed model for the best possible benefits in terms of time, cost and security.