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Kyle Edmund

A brand new look for one of the UK's leading tennis stars, Kyle Edmund

Client Overview

Kyle Edmund is a young British Tennis Player who has broken into Top 50 ATP rankings and is the UK's top 3. Kyle has played for his country in the Olympics and won the Davis Cup in 2016.

What we did

A subtle hint of heritage and style.

Kyle Edmund needed a logo that hit the mark.... one that would give him brand presence with fans and sponsors. We created a unique logo that contains two main elements.

  • K & E for his initials

  • Half a Union Jack flag to acknowledge English / South African heritage

The logo has played an important figure for Kyle and has appeared on international airlines, products, and more.We also created a sub-brand called Kedders to look at a more relaxed channel for Kyle.

The website scores an ace

Eyeweb were set the challenge of creating a brand and website for Kyle to help boost his online presence and give key information about his statistics and achievements to his growing audience.

Kyle is an emerging talent in the international tennis scene. To help him manage his career he has a dedicated team who organise all aspects of Kyle sporting activities, including the website. They do this using our content management system behind the website.

ATP news and scores are automatically fed into the website via an API, freeing up his team time.

Kyle Edmund

Kyle Edmund tennis

company logo

As one of Britain's top tennis players, it's important that tennis fans can find out more information about me and stay up to date with my recent and future matches.  The Eyeweb team succeeded in making a website that helps me to promote my career and shows my match history. The website is easy to edit and keep updated.

Thank you Eyeweb, for all of your hard work.

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