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Kyle Edmund

Kyle Edmund is a young British Tennis Player who has broken into Top 50 ATP rankings and is the UK's top 3. Kyle has played for his country in the Olympics and won the Davis Cup in 2016. He has high hopes of breaking into the world's top 20.

Website built using EyeSite.

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Project Brief

As an up and coming tennis player, it is important that Kyle connects to his growing fan-base through his website. The main objective was to give site visitors information about Kyle and to show current and past match information.

Our Solution

We designed Kyle a modern looking website that matches his personality and age. The website is built using our custom CMS EyeSite which gives Kyle's team the ability to keep match data up to date. We also created the new brand for Kyle which embodies his initials, the union jack and a tennis ball hitting the T on the baseline.

Kyle Edmund Branding Mark

Creating a stand out mark for a future champ

Kyle's swift and agile nature and young age led the team here at Eyeweb to create a bold, stand out identity for Kyle as he progresses up the ATP rankings we wanted something he can put his mark on. Creating a unique symbol that has background references to his heritage and ultimately his initials.

"As one of Britain's top tennis player, it's important that tennis fans can find out more information about me and stay up to date with my recent and future matches. The Eyeweb team succeeded in making a website that helps me to promote my career and shows my match history. The website is easy to edit and keep updated.

Thank you Eyeweb, for all of your hard work."
Kyle Edmund
Tennis Player at Kyle Edmund