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Introducing: EyeCRM

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Author: Paul

At Eyeweb, we develop web solutions to help your business thrive by streamlining your work.

We recently launched our new CRM and project pipeline platform: EyeCRM. Today, we’ll be introducing you to EyeCRM and seeing how it can drive your project management process into the future.


What is EyeCRM?

EyeCRM is a bespoke customer relationship management platform focused on increasing the efficiency of your business’ project management process. It’s packed full of all the features you could need and can be tailored to add any functionality you may require.


Who is EyeCRM for?

Still managing your clients and projects in a series of spreadsheets or a disorganised filing cabinet? Or do you find your current CRM solution to be limited in functionality and customisation options? EyeCRM is for you. 


EyeCRM Features Overview

As EyeCRM is truly custom, we can build almost anything, but here's an idea of what we've done in the past;

  • Lead and order pipeline
  • Quote and job sheet system
  • Delivery notes
  • Business directory
  • Users and roles
  • Dashboard
  • Finance tracker
  • Internal tasking
  • Calendars
  • Staff timesheets
  • ERP and accounts integration


Is your CRM performing as you want it to?

Do you want a CRM that will transform your business, and is completely focused on your commercial goals? At Eyeweb, we specialise in the development of bespoke, fully customised CRMs designed to help your business perform. With extensive experience and access to all the latest technology, we’ll deliver the right technical solutions required to meet the online requirements of your business.


For additional information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation web design and development consultation, please get in touch by calling 01482 628830, or by emailing today.


Date Published: 19/11/19