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Pack it Post it

Creating an identity and website for a start up that buys your old items and antiques online.

Client Overview

Pack it Post its mission is to make buying, assessing, and selling your old items and antiques online as easy as possible.

What we did

  • Brand

  • Website

  • Custom CMS

  • Photography


The goal was to create a clean digital-friendly design. The challenge here was making the text fit right with an icon, as it is a 12-digit business name. We went on the angle of the business where you send over your packages, a swooping P fit perfect for this.

We also help create a print that would go out initially with the sellers' pack so customers can easily follow a step-by-step guide to selling their items for cash


  • Digital First

  • Accessible for a wide age group

  • Durable


This website is a tool for the general public to easily sell their old items and antiques. We had the challenge of creating a trustworthy website for a start-up company with no history for people to adhere to and trust.

We adopted the use of unique illustrations, and easy-to-follow animated video, and custom photography to build the foundation of the website, together with a powerful responsive form for customers to request a seller pack.


  • Easy to follow the process

  • illustration and animated video

  • Bespoke photography

  • Powerful CMS system

CMS and Email

The website also has a powerful CMS manager behind the scenes so that orders go through a unique process of evaluation and confirmation. A sophisticated email system was also set up so customers and the business knew where their items are at each step.

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