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Strata Holdings

A digital overhaul of a multi-business group with websites and a CRM system.

Client Overview

For over 30 years, Strata have been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing for commercial projects of all sizes in Hull, across the Humber region and around the UK.

What we did

  • Website design

  • Responsive development

  • Bespoke CRM development

  • Content Management System

  • Digital marketing service

  • Website hosting

Processing leads and active jobs through a custom CRM

Strata process a lot of potential client data in order to generate sales leads through their marketing team. Once clients have signed up, the specifics of their job needs managing efficiently so that work can be completed "to spec" and on time.

Eyeweb created a custom CRM system for Strata which enables them to manage both their potential customers and their existing ones. The system is modular meaning Strata can request additional features and functionality to help cater for their changing needs and requirements.

The CRM makes Strata more efficient and gives them a better overview of their leads and current jobs.

7 websites at the same time??!!

Strata was an amalgamation of 7 different business and when they approached us, they needed all 7 sites to have their own identity, but to run from matching content management systems.

We took on this challenge and produced comprehensive templates that allowed each site to be produced efficiently whilst also giving them their own identity and presence which suited their own target audiences.

Graham Fisher

Strata Holdings

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Strata was looking for group of websites and a custom order pipeline system and Eyeweb stood out as the only company who could compitantly provide both.

We were told in an early meeting that anything we asked for in the website or CRM, would be possible. Over a year later and Eyeweb have stuck to their word. The systems have been built to our exact requirements and now work seamlessly within the running our business.

We now have a website which advertises each of our business and a CRM which manages our sales pipeline, job sheets and deliveries.

The team at Eyeweb have done a great job and we would recommend them to anyone.

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