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VW Festival

Promotion of a large annual festival with online exposure and branded print materials.

Client Overview

VW Festival has become one of the largest VW shows in the UK since it was created in 2005. It offers a full weekend of live entertainment, live music, VW’s galore and a great venue with a laid-back atmosphere.

Managing thousands of punters

Festivals come with a large amount of audiences all wanting to be involved in different parts of the event. For example, punters wanting to buy tickets, traders wanting to book a pitch, sponsors wanting to know the value you can offer them, fans wanting to buy merchandise

This means festival websites have to offer simple solutions for each of these groups of people and allow them to achieve their objectives online.

The VW Festival project solved these requests with a mixture of different custom solutions in both digital and print. Each designed and streamlined to fit the target audience.

Themed branding which changes each year

A unique element that VW Festival offers is a different theme with each annual show. This keeps the audience on their toes, with new fancy-dress costumes to plan each year. Along with costumes, we branded the festival's website, show guide, tickets and many other elements to match this ever-changing theme.

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